Entertainment Venues: Bar/Clubs for Rent, Heron Square, Limassol

Entertainment Venues (Club/Bar) for Rent at Heron Square, Limassol downtown area.

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Three (3) Entertainment Venues for rent in Limassol, Cyprus at the basement of “Roussos Plaza".
Ideal location at the Heron Square, and the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), a demographically strong neighborhood.

Venues may connect with one another if desired and can be used as a Club/Bar i.e theme based, cocktail lounge, wine bar, etc

Venue 1: 225 m2
Venue 2: 236 m2
Venue 3: 290 m2


The building is located in Pavlou Mela Street (on Heroes Square) and was constructed in 2007.

Nearby: TEPAK, Heroes Square, Anexartisias Shopping Street, Rialto Theatre, Madame, Restaurants, Pharmacy

Registration no: 1/71000, 1/71001 & 1/71002
Plot no: onto 613
Sheet Plan: 54/58.5.2, Block 1

Property facilities
Venue 1 (door no:3): with equipment & fittings
Venue 2 (door no:2): no equipment & fittings
Venue 3 (door no:1): no equipment & fittings


Roussos Plaza
13 Pavlou Mela & Andrea Droussioti
3040 Heron Square